Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jim Rogers continues to be bullish Japan

Jim Rogers speaks to on why he continues to be interested in Japanese markets:

"First of all, the market is down 70 percent or so from its all-time high. But Mr. Abe has said he’s going to print unlimited amounts of money. Those were his words. So he’s going to ruin Japan. Twenty years from now, we’re going to look back and say: that was the death knell for Japan."

"But in the meantime, if you print unlimited amounts of money it’s got to go somewhere. The market is down dramatically in 24 years. And Abe also passed a law giving tax incentives for ordinary Japanese to invest in the stock market. I’ve seen that happen many times in history, and it always gets people to invest."

"For those reasons, I’m investing in japan. I repeat: this is all going to be a disaster in the end. Printing unlimited amounts of money is terrible. Running up staggering debt is terrible. But that’s what Mr. Abe is doing. He’s going to ruin Japan. But he might make the stock market go higher."