Monday, June 2, 2014

Jim Rogers not proud that America pushing people away from Dollar

I don’t particularly like saying this, because I’m an American citizen, and American taxpayer and American voter, but if you drive people away from the dollar… many people now must be saying “guys, if we have dollars, and the US decides that they don’t like us, they’re going to put sanctions on us!” 

So more and more people would say “maybe I shouldn’t use the US dollar, maybe I shouldn’t have my money in US dollars.” At the same time, as you know, Russia and China are now going to trade with each other in their own currencies instead of the US dollar. 

More and more people are doing the same thing, they’re starting to trade in other currencies besides US dollar. This is just a continuing long-term move away from the US dollar. And, I am afraid, that US is pushing people away from the US dollar with our actions.

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