Monday, July 7, 2014

How long can commodities continue higher

Commodities will end in a bubble by the end of the bull market, whenever that is – whether that is in two years’ time or five years’ time. Bull markets normally end in a bubble and this one may be no different.

I doubt the time frame is two years; it will probably last longer than that. But no, it is definitely not over, not with all this money printing going on. There is still staggering amounts money floating around, with huge artificial oceans of excess liquidity – this is the first time in recorded history that all the world’s major central banks simultaneously printed large amounts of money, from the EU, to the UK and the US. This has never happened before, so this is not over yet.  

I don’t think this will last another 10 years – but who knows, governments are still printing money so this could go on much longer than anyone expected