Monday, September 12, 2016

Precious metals and US dollar could offer some protection

Turmoil has already started. It may not be dramatic yet, but it is certainly happening and a lot of people are losing money. So it is happening now but over the past couple of years, you should be very worried.

Today if I had to do one of the other, I should buy US dollars. If you look around the world, the Japanese Yen, the Euro, the Rouble. Nobody wants these other currencies.... the Australian dollar, the Canadian dollar. People are very worried about all of these other currencies, which is the reason the main thing people would buy is the US dollar, because they think it is a safe haven.

US Dollar Bubble
It is not a bubble now, but it may very well turn into a bubble. No no.... But it may very well turn into a bubble. In 2018 it would turn into a bubble, and if it happens that way, I hope I would be smart enough to sell my US dollars.