Monday, January 23, 2017

Stock markets seem optimistic under Donald Trump

There is a lot of optimism. People are focusing on the good stuff when it comes to [Donald] Trump. If he does the good things, then happy days are here again

Donald Trump trade wars ?

He very much wants a trade war. And if that happens, sell everything.

I know trade wars have always been disastrous. It leads to bankruptcies and has led to real wars. History has shown that no one has won a trade war and very few people learned the lessons of history. They ignore them because people think they are more powerful and smarter than people in the past. 

I’m not sure Mr. Trump knows what he’s going to do, he has contradicted himself several times. He speaks loud but his words are confusing. 

We are overdue for a crisis

The Chinese have a word that opportunity and disaster are the same so when there is a catastrophe, it is also a huge opportunity