Monday, June 4, 2018

Some world markets Jim Rogers is watching currently

Jim Rogers in an recent interview says that he was watching markets in Vietnam, China, Korea, Japan among others. As an investor he likes to 'Buy Low Sell High', and would prefer to buy markets like Japan which is 50 percent off its all time highs.

"Vietnam is doing very well right now. I prefer the bad things that are hated. But there are big changes in the country, and it’s right on the Chinese border. It’s a country of 90 million people, educated, disciplined, hardworking. They call themselves Communist, but take that with a grain of salt.

I’m trying to figure out about Korea. It’s a place that’s going to be very exciting soon, if it’s not already starting. Nigeria, Kazakhstan.

Again, China. I’m looking for investments in China. China’s market is 40 percent below its all-time high. Japan is 50 percent below its all-time high. I’d much prefer China and Japan to, say, America and Germany. You know, these are markets that are near all-time highs."


Jim Rogers is a smart investor who co-founded the Quantum Fund with George Soros in 1973. By 1983 the fund gained more than 4000 percent.