Monday, August 26, 2019

You have to sell Bubbles | Nobody recovers from a Bubble for a long time

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- “I own physical gold and silver coins … everyone should own them”

- "I own Chinese, Russian, American, Australian, Austrian silver coins" and "I own UK gold coins and I own a lot of gold coins from various places"

- "Singapore has been and is a very safe location for storage, Switzerland is too, Austria is too, Liechtenstein is too, so far..."

- "The Generals and "all the elites" have "their gold stored in Switzerland"

- The next crisis is going to happen so fast that people may not have time to react  

- The fiat currency experiment of the last 50 years is coming to a brutal end

- Gold and silver are not rising rather all fiat currencies are falling versus the precious metals

- Gold's record high in British pounds shows sterling is "falling apart" as people "are losing confidence in sterling"

- "Don't sell your silver gold and silver now even though it may go down for a while"

- "I have made plenty of mistakes" ..."all kinds" ..."do you want to hear about my first wife!?"  

Jim Rogers co-founded the Quantum Fund with George Soros in 1973. By 1983 the fund gained more than 4000 percent.