Monday, October 17, 2011

Rogers and Kudlow Agree: QE Is Already Under Way - Motley Fool

Rogers: Larry, if things continue to get bad, they're going to print more money. That's all Bernanke knows to do. He's going to print more money, and you'd better own real assets at a time like that.

Kudlow: I actually think the [European Central Bank] and the Fed is going to print more money. We're going to have massive quantitative easing to get out of this crisis, Jimmy. If that is the case, and both the ECB and the Fed go into QE mode, what's your favorite investment?

Rogers: Well, agricultural commodities is where I would be. I've told you this before. But Larry, they're already in QE; at least the Fed is. When Bernanke said in early August, "We're going to keep interest rates low" ... Larry, the only way you do that is you go into the market and you force them down. He's already in the market. He's lying about it. If you get out the M2 numbers, Larry, from the first week of August, you'll see they jumped up as soon as he said that and they've stayed higher, going higher. He's in the market. They're lying to us again, Larry. C'mon, you're a Princeton graduate; you should know how they do it.

Kudlow: "I do. I do. [laughing] And I basically agree with you, Jimmy Rogers. I'm sorry, I'm flat out of time, but I basically agree."