Thursday, January 26, 2017

Donald Trump will listen to Peter Navarro

I was bullish on Russia before Trump came along with his positive comments. Trump is going to be friendly with Russia. That's an enormous change. You're going to see the rest of the world remove sanctions.

Could Trump introduce tariffs on Chinese imports ?

If he does that, you better sell everything you have, because it will cause very, very serious problems. 

When you have trade wars, you have economic upheaval, turmoil, recessions, bankruptcy. America and China could really boom together, [but] Trump seems to have it in for China. I don't know why, since he and his family do huge amounts of business in China.

Some guys that Trump has appointed do understand how the world works. On the other hand, he's got some people who are vehement that they need to attack China. Peter Navarro has made a career out of attacking China. And Trump's going to obviously listen to him, at least publicly. And that can cause strife for a while.

US Dollar could get stronger

The U.S. dollar is going to continue going up against nearly every currency in the world.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The people in Washington dont understand the rise of Asia

I don't think many people, if any in Washington, understand what's happening [in Asia]. They don't understand that Japan is in decline. They don't understand that North and South Korea will be merging soon. They don't understand the rise of China. 

If you look at the largest creditor nations in the world, they're all in Asia: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore, even Russia. This is where the assets are. This is where the demographics are positive. This is where the energy is.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Stock markets seem optimistic under Donald Trump

There is a lot of optimism. People are focusing on the good stuff when it comes to [Donald] Trump. If he does the good things, then happy days are here again

Donald Trump trade wars ?

He very much wants a trade war. And if that happens, sell everything.

I know trade wars have always been disastrous. It leads to bankruptcies and has led to real wars. History has shown that no one has won a trade war and very few people learned the lessons of history. They ignore them because people think they are more powerful and smarter than people in the past. 

I’m not sure Mr. Trump knows what he’s going to do, he has contradicted himself several times. He speaks loud but his words are confusing. 

We are overdue for a crisis

The Chinese have a word that opportunity and disaster are the same so when there is a catastrophe, it is also a huge opportunity

Monday, January 9, 2017

I dont pay attention to the Fed

You should follow the central banks not the markets...... [Watch the video above for the full interview]

Jim Rogers is a smart investor who co-founded the Quantum Fund with George Soros in 1973. By 1983 the fund gained more than 4000 percent.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I'd head to Asia now if I was a bright young person

In 1807, if you were smart, you'd move to London. In 1907, you should have moved to New York. Well, 2007, you should have moved to Asia, which is when I moved to Asia.

Because for my children, the best skills I can give them are to speak good Mandarin and to know Asia. It's not going to make them successful, I assure you. There are plenty of people in the world who speak Mandarin and who know Asia that aren't successful. But it will give them a leg-up.

And if I were a bright young man or woman now, that's what I would do, I'd go to Asia, learn at least one Asian language. Mandarin is the best as far as I'm concerned. But I would certainly head to Asia.

My problem, another one of my mistakes, I went to China in 1984, scared to death by the way, because I had been listening to American propaganda all my life.

Evil, vicious, terrible people the Chinese. They're going to cut your throat.

I got there and I said, "These aren't evil, vicious, terrible people. These are wonderful people." Educated, hard-working and they save for the future. But if I'd been smart I would have stayed. Shows you how smart I am.

I went there and I saw, oh my God; look at this. Look at what's happening.

I went back to Asia several times and many times since, but you know if I was such a bright kid, I would have stayed in Asia in the '80s.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

American Universities have done a great PR job

American tertiary education is a bubble. Everybody thinks it's the end all and be all. America has done a great PR job of selling its universities. Everybody knows grammar school, primary school and high school are a disaster in America.

But somehow or another that translates into the fact that America has great universities. Don't ask me the logic, but that's obviously a bubble.

Hong Kong real estate, Shanghai real estate ... [those] are clearly in some kind of bubble ... also, Sydney real estate.

Bonds are obviously something that is going to cause a lot of pain to a lot of people. Bonds have been going up for 35 years, literally, for 35 years.

Now, bond markets have a habit of having long, long, long cycles, 30, 35 years. It's normal in the bond market.

At least historically in the U.S. it's been normal, but ... that's another clear bubble.