Monday, March 12, 2012

Jim Rogers predicts lost decade ahead

Rogers stresses that his predictions of doom will not come true in the next year. 2012 will see economic growth, and investors should not worry yet. "This year's fine," he told CNBC in a recent interview. "Worry about 2013. Be panicked about 2014." This is why Rogers is legendarily short on both American and European equities. Weak currency policies will result in higher inflation, and the unwillingness of global authorities -- particularly the United States -- to take needed steps has made Rogers gloomy.
In the case of the United States, eventually the Federal Reserve will be unable to maintain its low interest rate policies or finance the federal deficit by expanding its balance sheet.

When this happens, Treasury bonds will have to compete for investment capital at market interest rates. This will send mortgages higher, devastating the real estate sector. Equities will suffer as fixed income instruments will offer much higher yields, as in the 1980s.