Monday, December 26, 2016

US corporations have 3 TRILLION DOLLARS parked overseas

I own a lot of the U.S. dollar, and I have l for a while as you know. I own it partly because there is a lot of turmoil coming and people look for a safe haven in times of turmoil. They think the U.S. dollar is a safe haven. Mind you, it’s not, but people still think it is. Plus, American corporations have three trillion - trillion with a ‘T’ - U.S. dollars outside America.

Mr Trump says he is going to figure out a way to get them to bring that money back. If he gets three trillion dollars to come back into the U.S., that’s going to do a lot for the U.S. dollar and it is going to help the markets for a while. So, the good news - we all know the good news that’s what we are focusing at the moment, I own a lot of U.S. dollars because of that.