Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Historically stock market has problems when the Fed raises rates 3 times

Interest rates are gonna go higher all over the world. We have a very artificial situation with interest rates at zero or negative rates in some places that is not normal and it cannot last. It will not last. So whether the market or the Fed or somebody is going to raise interest rates, historically, once the Fed raises interest rates three times, it usually means the stock market is going to have problems. If it doesn't happen after three times, historically, it has always happened after four times. So we will have another interest rate hike, and that maybe the death knell for the stock market and maybe even for the economy. The caveat for that, of course, is never before have interest rates been at zero, so who knows what will happen this time. Maybe it is different this time.

Watch the video above to watch Jim Rogers expectations of the Stock market reaction to the US Federal Reserve rate hikes. Three or Four rate hikes have historically troubled the markets. Could this time be different ?

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