Thursday, April 14, 2016

Economic problems coming due to absurd US government policies

Japan is already in recession and some parts of Europe are in recession. Many countries in the world are already in recession.

But the problems usually start with a marginal country or company or industry which people aren't paying attention to. Last time around it was Iceland; all of a sudden Iceland went bankrupt, which led to more and more problem areas, including the American housing market.

These things usually start with where we're not looking. Certainly places like Venezuela are a disaster, so something could happen there. Another culprit is the American government. They're the ones that have printed a staggering amount of money and have run up these huge debts, which are now going to drag us all down.

We're all going to suffer. Very few people will escape the next financial problems or economic problems. It's been seven or eight years since the last economic problem in the world. That doesn't mean we have to have one, but we're overdue, and one is probably coming because of these absurd policies from Washington, D.C.