Monday, April 4, 2016

It may be a good time to short global markets | Huge problems ahead in few years

Central banks have again loosened their purses and put in more money. All that money has come into the markets and that’s all there is to this rally. I am not optimistic about the global economy for the next couple of years. Japan is already in recession and some parts of Europe are suffering. All this will get worse, as there is nothing to make the world get better. I expect a downside just about everywhere.

I like agriculture as an asset class and believe it is a good time to short global markets. There will be problems worldwide in financial markets in the next few years. I expect wild stock market swings, interest rate increases, currency swings and bankruptcies to impact world economies over the next couple of years.

Jim Rogers is a brilliant investor who co-founded the Quantum Fund in 1973. By 1983 the fund gained more than 4000 percent.